Yoga Journal

If it isn’t obvious, let me tell you that this is an old picture. Some of the giveaways are easy to spot. Good luck finding giant magazine sections anymore. Also, nearly all Barnes & Noble stores are closed. Today, paleo titles have morphed into keto mags. Worst of all, Yoga Journal is no longer in print.

Allow me to tell you just how great Yoga Journal was at its peak last century. They paid good money for photography! Unlike the majority of the magazine industry that idolized Scrooge, YJ never cut corners. Even in the glory days of magazine commissions, it was the airline that got paid the most. Dayrates were always less than the production expenses.

Now all of those skinflint magazines and the rule enforcers are gone. The publishing industry’s rapacity turned out to be no match for Facebook and Google’s skills at profiting.

Sometimes I’ll get a query from a former editorial client who raked me over the coals years ago for a missing receipt or a disallowed burrito from Chipotle. Usually, they’re just “checking in” to see if I’ve heard of any opportunities that might change their status of being “disintermediated” to something else.

The answer is always the same, “sorry, no.” But if anyone from Yoga Journal ever calls, you can bet I’ll do everything I can.

About the author: I am Stephen Kennedy, an experienced photographer with more than 2500 completed sessions in all 50 US states.