Unwasted Time

I’m sure you’ve heard that “early is on time” and “on time is late.”

While it’s not a fundamental truth, it is a good practice to follow.

The trouble comes when one expects others to live up to this same level of punctuality.

My stock photography sessions are designed to be low-stress events. That means if someone, like myself, is running a bit late, there’s no penalty involved.

Most of my hired models are pros. That means when someone is running behind or incommunicado, there’s probably a good reason.

On this particular autumn day a few years ago, I was patiently waiting for my subject in our agreed-upon place in Manhattan’s Murray Hill neighborhood. As the clock ticked away, my level of understanding was diminishing. Finally, after an hour, I was about to pack it in when I saw Ted turn the corner.

He seemed surprised that I was still there, assuming that I would have given up. I didn’t tell him that I was 45 seconds away from leaving.

It turned out there was a subway stoppage and he was too far underground to get a call or message out.

In hindsight, the waiting wasn’t wasted time. There’s a lot to learn just by watching the world pass by. The photos were the icing on the cake.

About the author: I am Stephen Kennedy, an experienced photographer with more than 2500 completed sessions in all 50 US states.