Unburdened by Technology

A few days ago I was photographing a man who was admiring the technological marvel that is my camera. His interest was so strong that I paused the session so that he could hold the camera and take a few photos for himself. This is not an uncommon occurrence.

Simply put, the camera is a jewel of a machine.

It’s as precise as it tiny. The guts contain a computer and an image sensor that is mind-blowing. To hold it is to know it.

Although sometimes new technology isn’t always better.

There are plenty of artists who still create using tools that haven’t changed in centuries.

A great painter and illustrator named Bob Shay is someone who seems to be completely unburdened by technology. This is an old portrait but I’d expect to walk in today and see things in a similar state.

About the author: I am Stephen Kennedy, an experienced photographer specializing in creating environmental on-location portraits and corporate photo libraries for blue chip companies. 

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