Tin Foil Ice Box

“Get me a TripTik from AAA so I can write out our itinerary.” If you’ve had a long run on this planet you’ll know exactly what that sentence means.

I’m guessing if you know how to use a TripTik you’re versed in different names for the stuff used to line a grill or wrap leftovers. By the way, those leftovers go into that cold kitchen appliance.

I’m sure Reynolds aluminum would prefer that you call their product by the more modern 60-year-old name. I could ask my networked Samsung refrigerator what an icebox is but since those never existed in Korea I doubt I’d get an accurate answer.

My tools and jargon run the gamut. My take on the TripTik starts with a clean piece of paper. I get my data from the internet and I record it with a mechanical pencil that I’ve owned since college.

I’d love to have an app that can match my speed and efficiency that a pencil and paper can give me. Maybe someday that’ll be the case. But as long as airline, hotel, rental car, and map sites are siloed, I’ll be hand-assembling my travel planning.

Until then I’ll be working with tools that would be familiar to Ben Franklin and every Cosmonaut that has gone to space.

About the author: I am Stephen Kennedy, an experienced photographer with more than 2500 completed sessions in all 50 US states.

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