Thinking of Christmas

I was at Costco the other day and saw a Christmas display which made me groan a little. I’m not exactly in the Scrooge camp, but seeing a fully decorated tree ready for purchase when summer is just barely done seemed like way too much, way too soon.

But it did give me a bit of a flashback to Christmas Eve 2015.

I was in New York in the midst of 72-degree weather that was a Christmas present to the millions of us that had the pleasure of being outside on this particular winter day.

Even though I was leaving for a flight to St. Louis, I had the better part of the afternoon to wander and take in the Christmas sights and sounds while wearing shorts.

Just when I thought that the Christmas miracle had come to a close as I boarded my Southwest flight at LaGuardia, I noticed this greeting in the seatback as I buckled in for the two-hour flight.

In a world in which some airlines hand out face punches and food poisoning, this was a great reminder of why I love to spend my money with the nicest folks in the business.

About the author: I am Stephen Kennedy, an experienced photographer specializing in creating environmental on-location portraits and corporate photo libraries for blue chip companies. 

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