The Future’s So Bright

Everywhere you look in media and in politics, you’ll find dopes blathering about a return to a time in which their idealized version of society ruled.

Of course, it’s a fiction that’s based on a gauzy memory rather than any reality.

I occasionally hear a similar refrain from some of my artistic peers. They want to jet back to the past when their appointment books were filled and money flowed like a river in flood.

Not me. Business might not be what it was last century but just look at the embarrassment of riches that I have today.

As I gaze around my small office I can see marvels and miracles that make the present better than the past..

Printing press: My two tray Dell laser printer is my in-house print shop for stationary and marketing materials.

Photo lab: I can make a fine art print that’s archival and better than any wet photographic process that ever existed.

Film supply house: All of my digital cameras have the ability to capture an unlimited number of images which renders film obsolete. The LCD display screen gives me instant feedback which obviates the need for Polaroids.

Jukebox: Every song I’ve ever loved or even remember in passing is in my pocket on a little device.

That includes this one-hit wonder which has always inspired me to look toward the future.

About the author: I am Stephen Kennedy, an experienced photographer with more than 2500 completed sessions in all 50 US states.

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