STL Art Show

The full name of my home airport is St. Louis Lambert International Airport.

People of a certain age along with their contemporaries in the local media still call it Lambert Field. Everyone else passing through just knows it as STL.

Even the airport can’t resist confusing the name with bad signage and frequent identity changes. The terminal on the east side was always called East Terminal. In order to “eliminate confusion” it was renamed Terminal Two. A change only loved by sign-makers.

To get a feel of how the airport manages things, look no further than the clocks. For years, the clocks were never in sync and never showed the right time. After many complaints, the airport assembled a committee and came up with a solution that they claimed was Solomonic.

They removed all of the clocks.

Not to be painted as philistines, the airport routinely displays art. I may be the only passenger that stops and looks. At least I’ve never seen anyone else take in an exhibit.

This installation perfectly illustrates how work is displayed in decrepit “out of the way” places. I took the photo from the broken moving sidewalk which gave a view of the missing ceiling slats. I then tried to fix the tilt of the painting by standing on the surplus bench. Unfortunately, the fastener was gone.

Oh well.

An exhibit of any sort is still a victory over complacency.

About the author: I am Stephen Kennedy, an experienced photographer with more than 2500 completed sessions in all 50 US states.