Sailing Takes Me Away

If you had your radio tuned to a music station on any day in 1980, odds are you heard Sailing by Christopher Cross.

Today, this song falls into a genre of music derisively referred to as yacht rock. I’m puzzled by the insult. Why would anyone not want to hear great music on a yacht or any seaworthy vessel? Then again I grew up with a ski boat and good times on the water.

My nautical life wasn’t limited to powerboats. In 1984 I took some sailing lessons in single-mast sunfish. I went on to earn lifetime membership in the Southern Illinois Sailing Association. Sadly, my club card has been lost to time. I’m sure those marginal sailing skills are gone too.

The fellow in this portrait from St. Pete Beach, Florida is also the owner of the Hobie Cat in the background. The vessel was used as a prop for a hired ad shoot. The model for the paid gig was great, but the real boat owner made for a better picture.

Had I cut the photo session short, I could have taken the boat out to test my skills. Figuring that I’d have more success with my camera than my sail trimming, I opted to go with the stronger skill of portraiture.

About the author: I am Stephen Kennedy, an experienced photographer with more than 2500 completed sessions in all 50 US states.