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In the old days of commercial photography, when a job was finished I would hand-deliver a binder of transparencies or a box of custom prints.

If I wasn’t able to do it in person, I’d pay a very nice person dressed in a brown UPS uniform to do it for me.

That ended in 2002 when my use of film ceased. From that year until about 2008, I struggled with a hodgepodge of “barely good enough” digital fulfillment methods.

I was saved from this frustration when a friend of mine figured out a better way to deliver digitally. It was such a breakthrough that he turned it into a business.

His company is called PhotoDeck and it has made my life much easier. On both of my commercial sites, there is a “Powered by PhotoDeck” component on every page with a link to PhotoDeck’s site. I could easily remove it but this little ad for them actually benefits me.

As their profitability and success has grown over the years, so has their feature set. Even better, their prices have decreased as the functionality has increased.

I noticed another “powered by” on my guest badge from a recent photography session in Lower Manhattan.

It made me wonder if someone in building management at 250 Hudson Street has the the same fondness for their badge printer as I do for my completely integrated asset management, archiving, delivery and e-commerce Photodeck backend.

About the author: I am Stephen Kennedy, an experienced photographer specializing in creating environmental on-location portraits and corporate photo libraries for blue chip companies.