UCLA Health

Print collateral and educational materials

In 2014 I had the chance to meet with Dragonfly Design at their studio HQ in Burbank, California. While I was there I had a chance to demonstrate my abilities by doing an actual photo session with a professional model right in their neighborhood. It wasn’t too long after that that this project for UCLA Health came to fruition.

Value Proposition

There was a need for a cohesive testimonial look from subject to subject emphasize the brand message.  I was able to bring my skills in casting and location scouting together, which resulted in a big win by hiring an actual husband and wife for the simulated testimonials. That stroke of casting luck resulted in a true look of intimacy between the subjects.

Client Comments

“Stephen is a complete professional – the quality of his work, his friendly manner, his simple business terms. He’s a treat to work with. Of course, his images speak for themselves. How do you get testimonial style images to look so warm and engaging? It’s the man behind the camera.”

Paul Rickey,
Creative Director

Session Locations

Berkeley, California