Advertising campaign, branding and website content

Stinson is a large law firm headquartered in Minneapolis with offices in various cities across the United States, with a concentration of locations in the Midwest.

I’ve had the opportunity to photograph more than 75 equity partners individually and in small groups.

All of my photography sessions took advantage of local environments, both indoors and outdoors.

Value Proposition

An attorney at a large firm is a very valuable asset and his or her time cannot be wasted.

My brief was to create compelling photography that tells each individual’s story about their practice and where they fit into the firm.

All of the sessions in this portfolio took less than 15 minutes to complete from start to finish. Upon completion of each shoot I spent an additional two or three minutes for review. This allowed each attorney to make his or her own choice.

This further saved the marketing department a significant amount of time avoiding the back-and-forth for approvals.

Client Comments

“I worked with Stephen for several years while at Stinson to highlight the firm’s attorneys for an ongoing website evolution and advertising campaign.

Stephen has a great demeanor and is able to get even the toughest subjects to open up.

He also has an amazing talent to make even a concrete office building appear interesting.

If anyone mentions corporate photography, I automatically suggest using Stephen. He is hands-down my favorite photographer.”

Cindy Tjeerdsma Akehurst,
Business Development Content Supervisor

Session Locations

Clayton, Missouri

Council Bluffs, Iowa

Denver, Colorado

Kansas City, Missouri

Omaha, Nebraska

Overland Park, Kansas

Phoenix, Arizona

Scottsdale, Arizona

St. Louis, Missouri

Washington, D.C.

Wichita, Kansas