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Rotometrics is a precision manufacturer of dies and other cutting products.

My creative goal while on site numerous times in two of their US manufacturing facilities was to visually demonstrate how synchronized teams of application advisers, engineers, master technicians, craftsmen and specialists work in concert to create and deliver precision cutting solutions and services to their customers all over the globe.

Value Proposition

Owing to the constraints of active manufacturing, I had to quickly and deliberately direct individual employees and small work teams for each photography session. I had to accommodate the environment, because the environment of heavy machinery could not be modified or moved.

These folks, individually and in groups, were photographed while doing their exact job in order to accurately demonstrate their skills and the value that they add to Rotometric’s product line.

The primary and overwhelming technical issue that I had to overcome, both in camera and in post production, was the general ambient lighting, which was supplemented and enhanced with strobe.

Client Comments

“Stephen was excellent at capturing the personality of the subjects and creating a connection between people, environment and subject matter while conveying an emotional connection between the craftspeople and the product.

He was able to bring out the personality and pride of our manufacturing team and communicate that pride very effectively in still photography. The results were personality portraits.

The very dynamic and dramatic results have proven to be impactful in the various media formats that we use for communications including advertising, trade show displays, websites and social media.

His work helps clearly differentiate us in the market compared to the competition.”

Keith Laakko,
Global Marketing and Business Development

Session Locations

Eureka, Missouri

Meadows of Dan, Virginia