Omaha Coincidence

“Where are you from?”

That’s the question that I like to ask every subject at the beginning of a photography session. It’s a great icebreaker and a natural starting point for my directorial process.

From there I like to guide the conversation to other topics like occupations, interests, and hobbies.

On this session in Palm Springs, California with a subject named Dutch, I discovered that he had just retired from a long career in the radio industry. He told me all about his work as a disc jockey and a voice-over talent in Omaha, Nebraska.

As it happens, I have a cousin who is an Omaha disc jockey and voice-over talent name Kevin Cooper.

Of course, Dutch knew Kevin.

Everything about this photography session was going as planned until this unexpected coincidence elevated it even more.

About the author: I am Stephen Kennedy, an experienced photographer with more than 2500 completed sessions in all 50 US states.

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