Old Nashville, New Nashville

I just read something written by a former Nashville resident whom I’ve known for a while. He derided what he sees as an unwelcome change in the form of a construction and population boom in Tennessee’s capital city.

Anti-growth is a concept that I can’t quite get my head around. I never understood the idea of stopping time in an arbitrary place. Suspending oneself in amber is the antithesis of progress.

I’ve been going to Nashville with regularity since the middle 1980’s. There’s plenty of history and modernity in balance.

This portrait was created with a cutting-edge digital camera. This subject is a modern multi-talented artist. This setting is in proximity to the city, yet is defined by a hand-made fieldstone fence.

This mix of historical and current is what appeals most to me in Nashville.

About the author: I am Stephen Kennedy, an experienced photographer specializing in creating environmental on-location portraits and corporate photo libraries for blue chip companies.