Indy Spiritual Coverage

What a day I had a couple of weeks ago. It started with a great gig with a favorite client. The shoot was a success and we finished early.

That gave me even more time to explore the airport before my departure at the Indianapolis International Airport. I can’t recall the last time I was there but it was long before the current terminal was built.

It’s a fantastic space and has everything you’d want or need.

With a couple of hours to pass, I had a chance to walk through the entire place and see the sights. The food court was as good as any domestic airport. Each concourse had plenty of great coffee and I even saw a salad vending machine.

The most interesting place was the chapel. It was completely empty and quiet as a crypt. I’ve walked by scores of these underutilized prayer zones and I’ve never once seen someone enjoying the solitude.

I was surprised to see so many spiritual insignias. The folks in Indy sure know how to cover all of their spiritual bases.

About the author: I am Stephen Kennedy, an experienced photographer with more than 2500 completed sessions in all 50 US states.