105 Black & White Portraits

Here are 105 individual portraits selected from 105 photography sessions that took place in dozens of locations.

This portfolio demonstrates that on 105 occasions, I laced up my shoes, packed up my gear and traveled by plane, car, boat or train to someplace away from home to meet someone interesting and create something that didn’t exist before we started. I created these photographs, processed and retouched every frame with my own hand.

If you’re wondering what the significance of 105 portraits is, I’m pretty sure that it’s just a random number. Although the most storied portrait lens of all time is the Nikon 105mm, so draw your own conclusion.

As a commercial artist I have a different relationship to work than most people. What some may call labor is something that I categorize quite differently. Making a portrait with a camera isn’t work to me. Quite frankly, creating photography in a new or unfamiliar place is better than a vacation.

I observed early in my career that successful artists build systems for the ongoing creation of their art. For me this takes place anywhere I happen to be in the world whether that’s nine time zones away or just down the street.

About the author: I am Stephen Kennedy, an experienced photographer specializing in creating environmental on-location portraits and corporate photo libraries for blue chip companies.